I'm using a CountedStorageMap in my custom pallet to store a map of created Things.

#[pallet::getter(fn things)]
pub type Things<T> = CountedStorageMap<Hasher = Blake2_128Concat, Key = u64, Value = Thing<T>>;

I'm able to call the getter, things(THING_ID), fine in my tests.

let _ = ThingsModule::things(THING_ID);

How do I call the count function on my pallet to assert stored totals?

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The count function is on the Things<T> type so:

let count = Things::<T>::count();

Also note that:

let _ = ThingsModule::things(THING_ID);

is the same as:

let _ = Things::<T>::get();

And IMO the second syntax is preferable as it is easier to audit the different uses of Things<T>, versus some simple getter function which hides that behind some macro magic.

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