When a node if offline, ImOnLine reports something like this:

Someoffline: [ 5EFRkbkfT6Sxjmkb6MiSyG8TAnVwV4KBk1BWfZnQ3XL14uxq, { total: 79.2000 kTOK, own: 79.2000 kkTOK, others: [] } ]

How can I know which node or account 5EFRkbkfT6Sxjmkb6MiSyG8TAnVwV4KBk1BWfZnQ3XL14uxq is referring to? I mean, how can I find the physical node (IP/DNS for example)?

Thanks very much. regards; fernando

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From the on-chain data, you can map to the actual stash.

The key reported by ImOnline is part of the session keys, i.e. session.nextKeys. You have 2 options -

  • retrieve all the entries of the session.nextKeys map and check the above for the specific ImOnline key (expensive)
  • query the keyOwner for the specific key

Both will trace you back to the actual stash. There is no specific mapping from stash -> IP in the online runtime storage.

  • Excelent! Thanks very much Jaco! Really appreciate it. Commented Jun 15, 2022 at 2:18

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