I need to check if an extrinsic matches "default" inside an extrinsic. The following works:

let bv: BoundedVec<u8, T::StringLimit> = "default".as_bytes().to_vec().try_into().unwrap();

However, this seems kind of ugly and hacky. Is there not a better way to construct a BoundedVec?


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A more elegant way:

  1. Make your max value part of your pallet's configuration trait so you can keep it generic in your pallet:
type StringLimit: Get<u32>;
  1. Define some alias for your bounded vec (outside of pub mod pallet{}):
type MyBoundedVec<T> = BoundedVec<u8, <T as Config>::StringLimit>;
  1. Then, use it inside your extrinsic:
let my_bounded_vec: MyBoundedVec<T> =
  • 1
    should never unwrap in the runtime.
    – Shawn Tabrizi
    May 15, 2022 at 18:22

Otherwise you also have the bounded_vec! macro which is similar to the vec! macro.

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