Using pallet-assets, how do I create a pallet that has hardcoded (pallet-)asset id's for it's on-chain assets that the pallet handles?

I wasnt able to find a good documented way to do this

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Because AssetId's are mostly a fancy way of saying u32, It's as simple as:

let first_asset_id: T::AssetId = 1u32.into();

Don't forget to Add From<u32> in :

type AssetId: IsType<<Self as pallet_assets::Config>::AssetId>
            + Parameter
            + From<u32>
            + Ord
            + Copy;

The implementation can be found here: https://github.com/liberland/liberland_substrate/blob/65edb6bab3/frame/llm/src/lib.rs

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for some reason, the answer above does not work for me. if I try:

let nbr:u32 = 10;
let val:AssetId = nbr.into();

I get:

the trait From<u32> is not implemented for <T as pallet_assets::Config>::AssetId

Any advice on how to solve it? Kazu.


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