I was trying to modify the transaction fee and for that I only want the congestion of the network. In FeeDetails, that is present in the transaction-payment pallet, we have three fields, i.e., base_fee, len_fee, adjusted_weight_fee. The congestion of the network depends on adjusted_weight_fee, so for this purpose I only want that field. But I don't know how to set the other two fields to zero. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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len_fee is controlled by the TransactionByteFee. This TransactionByteFee is an associated type of the transaction-payment Config trait. If you set this to 0, the len_fee is 0.

The base_fee depends on the base_extrinsic weight. This weight is then converted to the base_fee. You control the base_extrinsic weight by the BlockWeights associated type. You need to change this type to have a base_extrinsic weight for every transaction class and then you always have a base_fee of 0. In the "default" Substrate runtime this type is for example constructed here and then assigned here as type BlockWeights.

  • could you give an example on how to set base_fee ?
    – Russo
    Commented Sep 26, 2022 at 13:23
  • in your links above, it seems the base_fee is fixed for ALL users. But I need to set it only for selected users. How to do it?
    – Russo
    Commented Sep 27, 2022 at 3:29
  • You only want to have the base fee for some users? Why?
    – bkchr
    Commented Sep 27, 2022 at 13:56
  • why? my boss told me so... I have a storage in a pallet to check which user can do x number of times feeless transactions. any advice?
    – Russo
    Commented Sep 28, 2022 at 5:40

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