In the latest master of Ink! examples there is only one main contract, delegator, for understanding cross-contract calls. Unfortunately, there are no tests either for this system.

Cross-contract calling seems to rest on the ContractRef pattern where the ContractRefs are instantiated in the base contract's constructor.

    pub struct Delegator {
        /// Says which of `adder` or `subber` is currently in use.
        which: Which,
        /// The `accumulator` smart contract.
        accumulator: AccumulatorRef,
        /// The `adder` smart contract.
        adder: AdderRef,
        /// The `subber` smart contract.
        subber: SubberRef,


    impl Delegator {
        /// Instantiate a `delegator` contract with the given sub-contract codes.
        pub fn new(
            init_value: i32,
            version: u32,
            accumulator_code_hash: Hash,
            adder_code_hash: Hash,
            subber_code_hash: Hash,
        ) -> Self {
            let total_balance = Self::env().balance();
            let salt = version.to_le_bytes();
            let accumulator = AccumulatorRef::new(init_value)
                .endowment(total_balance / 4)
                .unwrap_or_else(|error| {
                        "failed at instantiating the Accumulator contract: {:?}",
            let adder = AdderRef::new(accumulator.clone())
                .endowment(total_balance / 4)
                .unwrap_or_else(|error| {
                    panic!("failed at instantiating the Adder contract: {:?}", error)
            let subber = SubberRef::new(accumulator.clone())
                .endowment(total_balance / 4)
                .unwrap_or_else(|error| {
                    panic!("failed at instantiating the Subber contract: {:?}", error)
            Self {
                which: Which::Adder,

For testing, how does one create code hashes to instantiate the main contract that will delegate calls downstream?

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I'm posting a link to the discussion on GitHub: https://github.com/paritytech/ink/issues/1125.

AFAIK there is currently only the the possibility to do this with the redspot tool mentioned in the issue. I haven't tried it out myself though. Would be great if you could post in the issue if you managed to get it done.


Have a look in this link , Phala-Network is working on test cross-contract Ink! contracts and they have implemented cross-contract test in ink/examples/delegator/adder/ example

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