Setting up Substrate-Archive for the first time. Tutorial/Wiki is a bit outdated. Following this solution that I found in "issues". Compiled and ran; however, I got an issue that I believe is MAC related.


1. Run docker-compose up -d to start postgres and pgadmin

2. Run DATABASE_URL=postgres://postgres:123@localhost:6432/local_chain_db sqlx database create in substrate-archive/src to create the database.

3. Run DATABASE_URL=postgres://postgres:123@localhost:6432/local_chain_db sqlx migrate run in substrate-archive/src` to create the tables.

4. Run cargo run --release -- -c archive.toml in bin/node-template-archive/ to start indexing. Keep in mind to modify the archive.toml configs.

Ran step 4 and received the following error:


Error: Failed to create RocksDB directory: `Os { code: 30, kind: ReadOnlyFilesystem, message: "Read-only file system" }`.

Is there a workaround? Thank you.

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    The a "Read-only file system" error when trying to run the code sounds to me like it does not have the ability to write to some directory it needs to; I'd check your filesystem permissions on any directories mentioned in the config file.
    – jsdw
    May 20, 2022 at 10:54

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Resolved. Incorrectly modified the archive.toml file.

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