I noticed that a lot of low level packages used by substrate have names that are prefixed with “sc, sp, fc” etc, I’m wondering what the meanings are for these prefixes. For example sp-std, sc-consensus, etc.

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  • sc_* - Substrate Client Crates (./substrate/client/)
  • sp_* - Substrate Primitives Crates (./substrate/primitives/)
  • frame_* - Substrate FRAME Crates (./substrate/frame/)
  • pallet_* - Substrate Pallet Crates, made with FRAME (./substrate/frame/)

There is no fc as far as I can see, so not sure what you mean there.

  • That make sense now, thanks! The fc- packages I was seeing are part of the frontier template’s client folder, so I guess it stands for “frontier client”, thanks!
    – Eric Yang
    May 18 at 15:55

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