I'm using pallet-assets for my pallet, let's say custom-assets. In custom_assets::transfer I make some additional business logic and call pallet_assets::transfer. I want to make pallet_assets calls private so that logic wouldn't fail because no one can call pallet_assets::transfer with my custom asset directly.

What I intend to do: just modify pallet-assets and move extrinsic pallet_assets::transfer from #[pallet::call] impl<T: Config> Pallet<T> { to impl<T: Config> Pallet<T> { - but this removes any info about weights, and maybe has another consequences.

Is it a good idea to do so? what can I do with weights? are there any other consequences? and maybe there is another better option to forbid direct pallet_assets::transfer extrinsic call?

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You can create a call filter in your runtime which prevents any calls to your pallet:

See a similar question here: Is it possible to disable new validators from joining?

Something like:

/// Use this filter to block users from calling any function in Assets pallet.
pub struct DontAllowAssets;
impl Contains<Call> for DontAllowAssets {
    fn contains(c: &Call) -> bool {
        match c {
            Call::Assets(_) => false,
            _ => true,

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