I'm currently studying/debugging the Treasury and the Society pallets. So I keep running the cargo build --release to get my changes on a new binary.

But the build takes too long (minutes) just to reflect an addition/removal of a log::info!("...") line.

Is there a better (quicker) way to debug the runtime?

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Great question!

You can always use the Substrate Playground.

As far as builds, I typically work off of the substrate-node-template repo which is "lighter" than the full substrate repo (which includes all the pallets) when it comes to building the whole codebase.

For development purposes I will run cargo build without the --release flag which according to rust will skip optimizations and therefore should be faster. cargo check is even faster but does not produce the final binary.

If I am debugging a specific pallet, I will only compile that pallet (without the release flag): cargo build -p super-pallet instead of compiling the entire node. You can also run cargo check -p super-pallet which should be even faster.

As a side note, for code-related debugging I recommend the rust analyzer extension in VS Code in combination with GitLens which is useful for debugging Substrate code.

And there are also helpful Substrate debugging tips here:

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    Thanks for all the tips, @bruno! I would only add the option to run cargo test -p super-pallet for a specific pallet in order to quick check its code. Commented Feb 16, 2022 at 8:42

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