I was wondering how to speed up the substrate build? it takes me about half an hour to get the binaries (without cache) any leads are welcome other than changing my laptop!

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you can use cargo remote with a cloud server to significantly reduce the build time (few minutes depending on the server power).

there is a detailed post about this topic : https://www.chevdor.com/post/2019/12/23/cargo-remote/

another post described the process using Google cloud : https://medium.com/commonwealth-labs/build-substrate-in-few-minutes-with-fraction-costs-26fce6aa5066


I've written another answer on the general topic here, this might already help you further.

But since you specifically tagged for substrate-contracts-node: There are binary releases available at the GitHub releases page, this might already solve your problem if you don't want to do more modifications.


You can also give Fleet a try.

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    I was using Fleet on Debian machine but did not see any difference. May 24, 2022 at 13:46

While this might not be the most practical immediate solution, highly recommend getting Apple M1. Builds drastically reduced to a few minutes.

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