development env: one relaychain, two parachain

  1. relaychain rococo-local, tokenSymbol: ROC, Alice 1MROC
  2. parachain local 2000, tokenSymbol: KK, Alice 1MKK
  3. parachain local 2102, tokenSymbol: DD, Alice 1MDD
  4. HRMP bi-direction channel opened between 2000 and 2102

both parachain has orml pallets:

  • xcm
  • xcm-support
  • xtokens
  • tokens
  • currencies

This error FailedToTransactAsset("InsufficientBalance") occurs when para2000 transfer relaychain ROC to para2102(also error para2000 transfer native KK to para2102). XCM execute detail as follows: enter image description here

Did I miss something? The "InsufficientBalance" means Alice's relaychain account ROC is not enough or Alice's parachain account ROC not enough? Should I config the orml tokens balances in spec?


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Fix. Parachain account needs ROC on rococo-local Relaychain.

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  • i added 5 ROC to the sovereign account of my parachain on Rococo but still FailedToTransact Nov 17, 2022 at 16:56
  • How did you solve it @Decentration? Sep 27, 2023 at 14:59

The cause for the error could also be because you are funding the wrong sovereign account of the sending parachain. I used this tool to convert the ParaId to Address, yet I forgot to switch the child toggle to sibling.

I didn't know the sovereign account (address) of a parachain is different on the relay chain (child) then on a parachain (sibling).

For more information check out this answer

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