Trying to benchmark an extrinsic, but I keep getting error:

./target/release/rmrk-substrate benchmark --pallet pallet-rmrk-core --extrinsic 'create_collection'
Error: Input("InsufficientBalance")

Here's the code:

benchmarks! {
    create_collection {
        let origin: T::AccountId = whitelisted_caller();
        T::Currency::make_free_balance_be(&origin, T::Currency::minimum_balance() * 20_000_000u32.into());
    }: _(RawOrigin::Signed(origin), bvec![0u8; 20], Some(5), bvec![0u8; 15])
    verify {
    impl_benchmark_test_suite!(Template, crate::mock::ExtBuilder::default().build(whitelisted_caller()), crate::mock::Test);

I've tried various manipulations of the T::Currency::make_free_balance_be line, without success. The code compiles successfully with cargo build --release --features runtime-benchmarks, but still fails on this extrinsic.

This is my first attempt at benchmarking. Likely something simple.

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Turns out it was due to insufficient balance. I needed to change the code to:

T::Currency::make_free_balance_be(&origin, DepositBalanceOf::<T>::max_value());

Where DepositBalanceOf is (for me at least):

type DepositBalanceOf<T> = <<T as pallet_uniques::Config>::Currency as Currency<<T as frame_system::Config>::AccountId>>::Balance;
  • In my case, I also needed to remember to use the Currency trait. For some reason, it did not error out.
    – Yatusabes
    Jan 11, 2023 at 19:52

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