I'm trying to use the "let i in x..y" notation while benchmarking, and ran into a problem:

the line let i in 10_000_000_000 .. 100_000_000_000 throw an error, as i is a u32, and my numbers doesn't fit. How can i set i as a u128 ? I tried let i: u128 in..., let i as u128 in... every notation that came to my mind, and didn't manage to find a solution

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Benchmark complexity parameters are always u32. Making them more than u32 wouldn't make sense since they're designed to be iterated over to collect timing data for a linear regression algorithm, and you're never going to want to do more than 4 billion iterations of a timing algorithm.

But you can easily take a u32 and turn it into a u128 with a multiplier:

let x in 10_000 .. 100_000;
let i = x as u128 * 1_000_000u128;
  • Damn good idea ! I'll explain why i wanted a u128: I'm trying to benchmark a mint pallet, but the existential deposit was something like 10_000_000_000, so i needed to iterate from this to something like 100B. I see now why its not a good idea, thanks for the answer !
    – Nathan
    May 5, 2022 at 9:37

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