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So I have a validator_count of 2, and 1 as minimum_validator_count. My validator is always online. I had my friend make another validator, had it enter the active validator set, and then join in as a validator, but they had to shut down their machine. To my surprise, I see that now my chain has stopped finalizing blocks but it goes on producing blocks normally. All functions work.

I have 2 questions:

  1. why does this happen?
  2. And how can we fix this?

Edit: Looking around I've found this : https://polkadot.js.org/docs/substrate/extrinsics/#grandpa as a way to reinitialize the grandpa authority set (if I understand correctly), which might have been corrupted by 1/2 validators leaving.

I've also noted that the roundState() rpc call errors out with : GRANDPA RPC endpoint not ready. An explanation for this would be welcome.

Edit #2 : I've already fixed this using the tx.noteStalled. However I'd still like an answer to the first question. i.e why does this happen? Is it because of BFT and 1/2 validators turning out faulty?

Edit #3 : And why is my GRANDPA RPC endpoint not ready? enter image description here


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