I was following this tutorial all the way up to registering a parachain ID. https://docs.substrate.io/tutorials/connect-relay-and-parachains/connect-a-local-parachain/#register-with-the-local-relay-chain

My parachain is based on polkadot-v0.9.18, a little old, with the latest(I think) Polkadot browser app v0.113.1.

I chose Option 1: paraSudoWrapper.sudoScheduleParaInitialize

Polkadot browser app -> Developer -> Extrinsics > submission tab -> paraSudoWrapper -> sudoScheduleParaInitialize(id, genesis)

In the extrinsics parameters, specify:

  • Account = ALICE
  • Set the id: ParaId to 2000
  • genesisHead: upload the file para-2000-genesis (from the previous step)
  • validationCode: upload the file para-2000-wasm (from the previous step)
  • Set the parachain: Bool option to Yes
  • click on "Submit Transaction"

Green tick: parasSudoWrapper.sudoScheduleParaInitialize inblock

Red error: System.ExtrinsicFailed: Bad Origin

Blue light bulb: balances.Withdraw, balances.Deposit, extrinsic event

It seems the tutorial is a little out of date, not mentioning about which account to use... but what did I do wrong?

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You need to wrap the call into sudo.Sudo. The call sudoScheduleParaInitialize requires that the origin is sudo.

  • Thank you! It should be Polkadot browser app -> Developer -> Sudo > Sudo Access tab!
    – Russo
    Apr 29, 2022 at 14:52

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