Keys cannot be added to keystore.

Situation description

To launch the private network, the boot node was first started and succeeded.[❶] The next time I tried to add a keys to the keystore I got the following error.[❷]

Tutorial URL enter link description here


-bash: version: No such file or directory

Execution environment

mamOS Big Sur version 11.3.1 Macbook Air(M1, 2020)

Commands executed in the terminal

❶Start the first node[succeeded]

--base-path /tmp/node01
--chain ./customSpecRaw.json
--port 30333
--ws-port 9945
--rpc-port 9933
--telemetry-url "wss://telemetry.polkadot.io/submit/ 0"
--rpc-methods Unsafe
--name MyNode01

❷Add keys to the keystore[error]

./target/release/node-template key insert --base-path /tmp/node01
--chain customSpecRaw.json
--scheme Sr25519
--suri your-secret-seed
--key-type aura

※The your-secret-seed section has been changed.


■Location where the command was executed


■Path to Key Store


Questionable points.

【--base-path /tmp/node01 \】

Even though the boot node was able to run[❶], why does it show no files or directories when I add a keys[❷], as the above error indicates? Is there a problem with the path that prevents adding keys? If so, why was the boot node able to run?

  • Are you sure /private/tmp/node01/chains/local_testnet/keystore is corect? Then the base path should be /private/tmp/node01
    – Nuke
    Commented Apr 29, 2022 at 12:19

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--base-path /tmp/node01 does not seem to match the path you want which is /private/tmp/node01/chains/local_testnet/keystore.

So maybe just update your base-path path.

Or maybe just mkdir /tmp/node01?

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