I am using the substrate contracts node and my transactions are successfully submitted to the chain. I've checked using a dry run query and also checked in the explorer for the block after performing the tx. However, when I try to use the transaction result in polkadot-js, I cannot access fields such as status, as they are undefined.

I'm calling the signAndSend function of the extrinsic but the result: SubmittableResult I get is simply the extrinsic hash as a Uint8Array.

    (result: SubmittableResult) => {
      if (result.status.isInBlock) { //status is undefined here??

According to the SubmittableResult type in polkadot-js, status should be there:

export declare class SubmittableResult implements ISubmittableResult {
    readonly dispatchError?: DispatchError;
    readonly dispatchInfo?: DispatchInfo;
    readonly internalError?: Error;
    readonly events: EventRecord[];
    readonly status: ExtrinsicStatus;

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This was because I was instantiating the contract with HttpProvider instead of WsProvider. Changing to WsProvider allows the extrinsic result to be a subscription and therefore update with extra information when available.

I had also missed the following helpful message in the console logs:

API/INIT: Api will be available in a limited mode since the provider does not support subscriptions

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