When running a substrate node, the CLI accepts a parameter called rpc_methods which accepts Auto, Safe and Unsafe arguments.

How can developers declare an RPC call Unsafe and how can one get the list of RpcMethods::Unsafe methods?

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Declaring a RPC unsafe is completely up to the developer. You need to pass the DenyUnsafe type to your RPC implementation. (you get the deny unsafe passed to the rpc_extensions_builder). Then you need to call in your RPC self.deny_unsafe.check_if_safe()?. That's it.

how can one get the list of RpcMethods::Unsafe methods

That is currently not supported!

  • Usually dangerous rpc like author.insert_key or expensive rpc like state.storage_pairs should be marked as unsafe. You can just search substrate code base with deny_unsafe.check_if_safe() to find all unsafe methods as mentioned above
    – Ron
    Apr 22, 2022 at 13:22

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