Some companies want to interact with prebuilt c# code. Is there a more high level interface than writing lots of p-invokes?


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Yes, there is a .NET library that is dynamically generated from your node's metadata. The current name is a little bit misleading as it is a generic toolchain that works for all substrate-based nodes and is not specific to a project.

Substrate C# Toolchain that generates a NET API and more https://github.com/ajuna-network/Ajuna.SDK

And has a lot of tutorials and was showcased at the Sub0 in Lisabon. Ajuna sub0 Talk: Substrate .NET Toolchain & Unity

And can also be used for Unity or Maui https://substrate.stackexchange.com/a/5565/707


AFAIK there is currently no "production-grade" .NET library which will dynamically generate API code from the chain metadata.

Fortunately there seems to be work happening on it. There is now Ajuna.NetApi (which is a fork/rewrite of SubstrateNetApi), and it focuses on generating API code from chain metadata. It seems to still be in development and documentation is scarce. I don't have any experience with any of these libraries so can't personally vouch for them.

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