In this video Joe Petrowski demonstrates a command which allows us to set a stake and also choose a reward destination. But unfortunately some of the command gets obscured by their video picture.

As I've narrowed it down, I require a step-by-step procedure that shows us

  • How to use polkadot-api-cli to sign and submit a session key (set session keys)
  • The command for how to set validator prefernces i.e call staking.validate/chill

Edit #1 : I may have figured out how to set validator prefs: I get a json response with : yarn run:api --seed .. tx.staking.validate '["30", false]' --ws ..

However, I don't see a commission set to 30%. I've tried it with 30 and "30" both. I've also tried putting the second arg "No" instead of false and both seemed to work. However I'd like to set the commission % properly.

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So here's the answer: To validate using polkadot-cli-api you need three things:

  1. Create a controller/stash pair and then tell your chain that they are a controller/stash pair using staking.bond
  2. State your intention to validate
  3. Generate session keys and insert them into your keystore.

You can use signer also, but I'll write for api.

--ws will take in the websocket address of your node for example --ws "ws://"

--seed will take the seed used to sign the transaction

  1. api --account <Stash account> --seed <stash seed> --ws <ws endpoint> tx.staking.bond <Controller bs58 address> <Amount to bond> <Payee destination>

  2. api --account <Controller account> --seed <controller seed> --ws <ws endpoint> tx.staking.validate '[<Commission in parts per billion>, <boolean to allow for nominations>]'

  3. api --account <Controller> --seed ... --ws .... tx.session.setKeys <Input from author_rotateKeys()> 0x

If you follow these steps you'll be able to validate without access to a GUI.


Looks like you figured it out! I haven't used that CLI in a while.

And you mentioned it in the details, but commission is a PerBill. So 30% would be 300_000_000.

  • Yes indeed. I had trouble with it when I gave a % instead of a Perbill. Commented Apr 22, 2022 at 11:07

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