I am running a rococo fork and used Polkadot [release-v0.9.18][1] to make a runtime upgrade.

I upgraded the chain initially, but didn’t see a difference in the chain. So then I realised I need to bump the versions as mentioned here in the docs.

My question is: how do I know what versions to bump? For example, do i need to manually bump the authoring version, by checking the release and seeing is that is a requirement. Is there notes in the release that talk specifically to that?


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As noted here:

When upgrading the chain, you need to manually increment the spec_version.

Here are the changes for release-v0.9.28, notice that the only value that was updated was the spec_version:

/// Runtime version (Polkadot).
pub const VERSION: RuntimeVersion = RuntimeVersion {
    spec_name: create_runtime_str!("polkadot"),
    impl_name: create_runtime_str!("parity-polkadot"),
    authoring_version: 0,
-   spec_version: 9270,
+   spec_version: 9280,
    impl_version: 0,
    #[cfg(not(feature = "disable-runtime-api"))]
    #[cfg(feature = "disable-runtime-api")]
    apis: sp_version::create_apis_vec![[]],
    transaction_version: 13,
    state_version: 0,

Note: authoring_version is rarely incremented.

tldr: When are you required to change the `authoring_version` for forkless runtime upgrades?

More Info:

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