From what I understand from the docs, every contract gets its own AccountId. But in the contract-transfer tests, I'm getting the same AccountId from both accounts.alice and contract_id().

I modified the contract to return its AccountId using self.env().account_id(), but it still returns Alice's AccountId.

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The testing Engine is still limited in some capabilities: It is correct that a Smart Contract obtains its own AccountId, but I doubt that this is currently reflected by the testing Engine, since it currently doesn't simulate the instantiation of a Smart Contract, which would assign an AccountId to the contract.

Therefore self.env().account_id() currently returns the callee's AccountId, which is manually set by calling ink_env::test::set_callee::<ink_env::DefaultEnvironment>(account_id). If you want to test it, you need to configure an AccountId for your Smart Contract first. I added a test in my example here.

I added a function getId() to the contract-transfer example here.

After starting Substrate contracts node locally (version substrate-contracts-node 0.11.0-bb0cd97-x86_64-linux-gnu) with substrate-contracts-node --dev --tmp, and connecting it with the contracts UI, I can call the function to obtain the contracts AccountId, which is different from Alice's AccountId:

enter image description here

So it indeed returns the Smart Contracts AccountId when deplyed on the Substrate Node.

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    I basically created a function in the contract that returns self.env().account_id() . The issue is only in the contract's unit tests, it works properly in contracts-ui.
    – Kanishka
    Commented Apr 4, 2022 at 7:34
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    Okay, I see the problem! I updated my answer above.
    – Achim
    Commented Apr 4, 2022 at 13:32

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