How can I see in more detail what operations are executed when my transaction is submitted ?

If there is a way to see all operations/extrinsics/calls that happened in a specific block then that could be useful also.

My goal is to get a more low level insight into the transaction process / block by using sidecar.

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Sidecar provides the following experimental trace related endpoints :


These endpoints were introduced & described in more detail in this PR

And the result from these endpoints is very well explained in this diagram

To be able to get these endpoints you need to check 2 things :

  1. Run your node with the flag —unsafe-rpc-external
  2. Check that the BlocksTrace controller has been activated for the chain you are running.

More details on that you can find in this closed issue

Right now, since these endpoints are experimental there are available by default only for Kusama and Polkadot running nodes (by using the flag mentioned above).

For other chains, the BlocksTrace controller is not active by default so you have to do it manually so add the BlocksTrace controller locally in the corresponding controller file of your chain, eg. for Polkadot is this file

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