How would I track the token issuance of a parachain, using either the polkadot api or on-chain data? Does anyone have a simple example?

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It is exposed in the state under balances.totalIssuance, so the following will work -

const total = await api.query.balances.totalIssuance();


For the parachain connect to the parachain wss endpoint, for the relay chain connect to the relay wss endpoint.


The total issuance of a Substrate chain is most commonly a storage item from the Balances pallet. Here's how you would find this value using Polkadot JS Apps:

  1. Go to the chain state for the chain you're querying.
  2. Select the balances pallet and the totalIssuance storage item.
  3. Hit the " + " button on the right and you'll see some u128 value appear.

For example, querying Polkadot's chain state:

enter image description here


subscribe and trace

const unsub = await api.query.balances.totalIssuance((total) => {
  console.log(`Total issuance changed to ${total}`);

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