I have completed the Cumulus tutorial and tested my parachain on rococo-local to work as expected. I would like to connect to the public testnet, but I don't have sudo capabilities to add my parachain.

How do I register my parathread and start producing para-blocks connected to Rococo?

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We have now streamlined the process: there's a form to fill in "Rococo Slot Request" that asks all the right questions so that we can make that happen quickly for you:



Edit: now the process is to submit an issue with the Rococo template here, after completion of the cumulus tutorial

Old: You will need to reach out someone with access to Rococo's SUDO account and this person will help you onboard your parathread to a parachain.

At the moment of writing this answer that can be done joining parachain technical element channel

If you are interested in knowing what is the purpose of Rococo network, please read this blog post https://polkadot.network/blog/rococo-revamp-becoming-a-community-parachain-testbed/


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