In my opinion, the best way to learn things is by practicing. The Substrate's tutorial (and docs) are already great on that matter.

But I have to say that I miss something around security there. I remember how I got excited when I first met the overthewire's wargames and later the OpenZeppelin's Ethernaut.

Those are exactly the way I like to learn new stuff, coding to solve challenges with a huge dose of gamification to keep me addicted! =)

So, is there anything like that already in production or even as a PoC?

Is so, I'd like to connect with the maintainers to help they on improvements.

And if there isn't, I already have an initial dev team to create a PoC and then try to fund the project by creating a Treasury's proposal.

Any idea or feedback is more than welcome, thanks!

PS: I'm aware of pallet-chaos and it would be definitely used in the project.

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I'm not aware of any wargame like gamification in the spirit of OpenZeppinls Ethernauts and I agree that it might be an interesting and motivating learning experience around Substrate.

If you want to experience some gamification around Substrate, you might enjoy checking out Open Emoji Battler. While it is not targeting security, it is at least a fully decentralised on-chain game which AFAIK was realised either as a standalone chain or as an ink! Smart Contract.

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