impl pallet_staking::Config for Runtime {
    type RewardRemainder = Treasury;

how can i give it to sudo account

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RewardRemainder need an object that implement OnUnbalanced.

We can simply implement one for it. Put such code in your runtime/lib.rs:

use frame_support::traits::Imbalance;
pub type NegativeImbalanceOf =
    <Balances as frame_support::traits::Currency<AccountId>>::NegativeImbalance;
pub struct ToSudo;
impl frame_support::traits::OnUnbalanced<NegativeImbalanceOf> for ToSudo {
    fn on_nonzero_unbalanced(amount: NegativeImbalanceOf) {
        let numeric_amount = amount.peek();
        if let Some(k) = Sudo::key() {
            <Balances as frame_support::traits::Currency<AccountId>>::resolve_creating(&k, amount);
        } else {
            // TODO: handle no sudo key.

This code works for my Substrate version. You might need to make some tweak for your.

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