Im running through the Substrate Tutorials and just started the Build Application Logic tutorial series. This series starts with implementing pallet_nicks which appears to have been discarded with the transition to Polkadot-SDK. Is that correct? Is there a suitable simple replacement?

I've attempted to instead add pallet_identity but figuring out what to input for the Required Associated Types seems to be a little beyond my scope and skills at this point.

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The nicks pallet still on crates.io, so you can still add it from there.
But if you want some simple pallet to copy the source code into your project, then the best ones to use are:

  • pallet-minimal-template: This pallet does literally nothing. Should be easy to integrate, but also quite boring.
  • pallet-example-basic: This one is quite fat, since it tries to explain all parts of a pallet in detail. You can see how to set its associated config types in the test.rs.

You can also use the pallet-identity, but indeed it requires to set all these config types. There is always the possibility to have a look at the test.rs files of these pallets to find some mocked configuration.

  • I tried to install nicks from crates.io using the provided command: Cargo add pallet-nicks and received an error message stating error: the crate `pallet-nicks@https://github.com/paritytech/polkadot-sdk.git?tag=polkadot-v1.9.0` could not be found in registry index. I get a similar error (error: no matching package found) when I try adding it to the dependencies in Cargo.toml I did find the source code at link but Im not sure how to download that source code. test.rs is extremely helpful. Thanks for that tip
    – CODY
    2 days ago

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