• what I have: I have a testnet network, I run a full node and connect to a specific bootnode that I specify with arg --bootnodes; after connecting to the bootnode, info about other peers are provided and I am able to connect to them.
  • what I'd like to have: the possibility to make this peers list persistent, so that if I shutdown my node and then restart I try to reconnect immediately to those peers (this can be useful for example if the bootnode is temporarily unavailable).

Is this possible? Is there a flag/arg for setting this feature?

In case the answer is no and I need to write a custom implementation, how can I get the ip-address&port of a peer I am already connected to? I see there is RPC call system->peers() but it just provides some info (together with peerId) but nothing related to ip-address&port.

In other words I want to figure out two things, first one if there is a built-in mechanism for making the node reconnect to its previous peers after a shutdown&restart, second one if there is a way to get the ipaddress (or dns) and port of the peers my node is currently connected to.



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