Working remotely, I use podcasts to energise and get me hyped about the incredible possibilities and potential that we could build with substrate and web3.

What inspiring podcasts are you listening to right now?

  • I am eager to find out as well as I've been lacking ideas. Besides, what qualifies as a substrate dev any way? Does one need to write their original ideas in the form of a pallet to be called a substrate dev? Or does one need to be writing substrate code itself, officially or in their local copy of the repository, I'm curious. Mar 24 at 8:37
  • writing a pallet definitely makes you a substrate dev.
    – Squirrel
    Mar 24 at 8:41
  • I love the initiative... But I don't know if this stack exchange should be used for more social and opinion based lost s like this... We likely should use this to open a new meta post to discus
    – Dan Shields
    May 12 at 12:46

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I can recommend the https://relaychain.fm/ podcast from Parity themselves. It teaches a lot about the ecosystem and involved projects.

  • Any specific episode you like most? Why?
    – Dan Shields
    May 12 at 12:58
  • 1
    Mostly I really appreciate the "Let's take an hour and calmly talk about why we're doing this and why it's important". It has been immensely helpful in building my understanding of what is possible in this ecosystem. Going to cowardly say that I don't have any favorites yet, but I really appreciate the mix between the Parachain projects and the Development/Philosophy ones. May 19 at 14:14
  • https://www.zeroknowledge.fm/ - One of the best in the web3 industry: it's on ZK Proofs, but much more and a highly technical podcast. Anna Rose is a Parity alumni and as such has guests from the Polkadot ecosystem fairly often.

  • https://lexfridman.com/podcast - while the guests are very wide ranging, these discussions are commonly focused on web3, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and various other neg-gen technology innovators talking shop and vision. Illustrious guests as well are in the show list that open up for hours on great topics.


Kraken's parachain auction podcasts are pretty good listens too: https://podcasts.apple.com/ie/podcast/parachain-auctions/id1567923627

  • Big fan. Not super frequent though.
    – Dan Shields
    May 12 at 12:47

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