I want to send JSON or normal String Message from Parachain to relay chain but i new in the substrate and I am finding it difficult. I am using the Polkadot-sdk template for relaychain and substrate-parachain-template for parachain. Both are connected but I don't how to transfer data using XCM.

  • Why do you want to send JSON to the relay chain? What information do you want to include in it?
    – liamaharon
    Apr 1 at 5:04
  • it is not particularly JSON, any data. for example, I want to send some profile info from Parachain to Relaychain and then store it on the Relaychain. JSON is not important. Apr 1 at 9:28

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You can place any payload you want in a Call and send it over as Transact. You can learn more about Transact here.

But, as @liamaharon is asking, it is questionable whether you actually need to send a JSON over a cross consensus messaging protocol or not. Possibly you can send a hash, commitment, or similar, and send the JSON offchain?

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