I'm trying to execute a recovery from a manually stalled parachain.

I'm doing the following,

  1. Backup the base-path folder for the block #30
  2. Let the parachain produce more blocks, until #40
  3. Brick the parachain so it stops producing blocks
  4. From the backup, generate a chain spec using export-state
  5. With the new chain spec, generate a genesis-head using export-genesis-state
  6. Delete the bricked base-path folder, and replace with the backup
  7. Restart the node with the generated chain spec and the backup base-path
  8. Using the new exported genesis state, execute a force_set_current_head from the Relay Chain.

I'm assuming there's something not correct in my procedure, as the parachain logs the following error

2024-03-28 13:04:00 [Parachain] Could not find the header of the genesis block in the database! block_hash=0x6d202ad77996c9ef49b6074f0d130cd6cdbc0547a69f66b0243b069471eaa79c

So there is any other method or procedure to properly set a previous state to a parachain?


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