Currently, I have a parachain and a relay chain running on Rococo testnet locally. I'm having trouble connecting my node to the parachain network (0 peers to 1 peer).

I'm trying to connect my libp2p node to the parachain network, with the indication of +1 peer in the parachain network. I'm at a crossroads with how to implement my node as "Alive" or "IsOnline" in the parachain Rococo network.

I'm trying to use local mechanisms to discover peers and connect to the parachain network, using mdns and dht. However, I can't tell if I'm implementing the methods properly.

Peer Routing isn't able to locate closestPeers using the 'key'. I'm having trouble with discovering myself on the parachain network.

My libp2p configuration:
const options = {
peerId: peerId,
addresses: {
listen: ['/ip4/']
transports: [
connectionEncryption: [noise()],
streamMuxers: [yamux(), mplex()],
peerDiscovery: [
new kadDHT({
kBucketSize: 20
services: {
identify: identify(),
ping: ping({
protocolPrefix: 'ipfs',
interval: 10000,
timeout: 10000,
kadDHT: kadDHT({
clientMode: false,
kBucketSize: 20
config: {
peerDiscovery: {
autoDial: true,
mdns: {
interval: 10000,
enabled: true
kadDHT: {
kBucketSize: 20,
enabled: true,
randomWalk: {
enabled: true,
interval: 300e3,
timeout: 10e3
} } }, },
connectionManager: {
autoDial: true,
maxConnections: 1000,
minConnections: 10,
dialTimeout: 10000,

Lastly, these are the trace logs from the parachain network.
[Parachain] Adding a new known peer
[Parachain] Known peer (Outbound) dropped from SetId(0)
[Parachain] Peer disconnected, reputation: -256 to -256
Immediate drop in connection after trying to add a new known peer

I apologize in advance for the terrible formatting

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Need a little more information…

Are you using the cumulus pallet? https://github.com/paritytech/polkadot-sdk/blob/master/cumulus/docs/overview.md

As far as I know, a special transaction is required to update a runtime to a parachain, via Cumulus.

Here’s an excellent guide for deploying a functional Parachain. https://wiki.polkadot.network/docs/build-pdk

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