I would like to know how I can set a threshold of 10 entries so that it's the maximum number of values that can be stored in a StorageMap structure.

My struct is the following:

pub type CoinStorage<T> = StorageMap<_, Blake2_128Concat, AccountIdOf<T>, Coin, OptionQuery>;

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In general it is the easiest to use a CountedStorageMap and check the number of entries before insertion, as the type itself does not enforce the limit.

Using a StorageValue<_, BoundedBTreeMap can be not ideal for parachains, since it will always load the whole value into the Proof, even when only a single element is accessed.
This implies that the number of elements must be configured to be conservatively low.


you could store BoundedBTreeMap in StorageValue:

pub type CoinStorage<T> = StorageValue<_, BoundedBTreeMap<AccountIdOf<T>, Coin, ConstU32<32>>, OptionQuery>;

I think it would have the same complexity for insertion/deletion as StorageMap - O(logn)

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