I use Polakdot.js library to show all of my assets on the Westend testnet in my dapp.

It takes around 5 seconds to load/show all my assets.

For now it seems to me that this library doesn't have the function to show all assets on wallet address immediately.

How i fetch all my assets from Westend:

  • fetch all assets on Westend
  • check for each asset if my balance is bigger than 0
  • show list of all assets where i have balance more than 0

The problem here is that i loop every time over all the assets on the chain and check for each of them if i have any balance and that is slow.

is there a way to check all the assets i have in my wallet without having to loop over all the assets on the chain ?

app -> https://app.dotacp.mvpworkshop.co/swap?network=westend

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This is a common bottleneck when interacting with wallets in general, most wallets don't have a built-in index of all assets you hold. You can see if Subscan API meets your needs or you'll just need to cache it locally and have a background worker to periodically refresh the data.

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