Mangata stopped producing blocks in Rococo. We have not done anything in this environment for a while.

Every time the collator starts producing blocks, It prints the following entry log,

2024-02-20 08:31:06 [Relaychain] Collation wasn't advertised to any validator. candidate_hash=0x77b0ef2711e62e9030aaeba5ada90c315c84052e287a5ecd12591eae27004460 pov_hash=0x44fdf1ed92f999cf5e3867dba51f275133dbbacc66aa6f8013c835594c0f6eb3 traceID=159096826336840247337885360921611144241

Raw logs can be found here: https://pastebin.com/Fk7EYHna

Mangata-version: 3,200

MangataRelease version: v0.33.0

Polkadot-SDK version: 1.0.1

Last block: 142 hr

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For whatever reason you had multiple cores assigned to your Parachain. Did you maybe buyed a core for your chain on the broker chain?

It is fixed now, I have removed the extra core. We are working on fixing this on the relay chain side, to support multiple cores per parachain.

  • Im not aware we did so, but will share with the team! Feb 26 at 8:31
  • hey @bkchr, I got a confirmation from a team member that maybe caused this, It's sad that we messed up and spent time on both sides, but its great that we found this on rococo instead of kusama! Feb 26 at 10:50

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