I want to define a struct serializeable to json

struct Struct {
    item: SomeRuntimeType,

but I get this error:

error[E0277]: the trait bound `pallet_pallet::types::SomeRuntimeType: conf::_::_serde::Serialize` is not satisfied
    --> src/main.rs:150:10
150  | #[derive(Serialize)]
     |          ^^^^^^^^^ the trait `conf::_::_serde::Serialize` is not implemented for `pallet_pallet::types::SomeRuntimeType`

Is there a way to derive some kind of serialization in subxt?

    runtime_metadata_path = "res/metadata.scale",
    derive_for_all_types = "Debug" // <--- like adding Serialize here
pub mod runtime {}

Or do I have to manually implement serialization?


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