fetch list of all nomination pools using polkadot js API. details like poolID, address etc

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using api.query.nominationPools.poolMembers enter image description here

polkadot js doc

However, we don't need to pass AccountId32 as it asking to specify parameters. Instead we can retrieve a list of all the keys and entries for the map, refer docs.

const pools = await api.query.nominationPools.poolMembers.entries()
pools.forEach(([key, value]) => {
    if (value.isSome) {
        const poolMemberData = value.unwrap().toHuman();
        console.log('Pool ID:', poolMemberData.poolId);
            'Account ID:', key.args[0].toString(),
            'Pool Member Info:', JSON.stringify(poolMemberData)

Also refer this answer


Once you get the poolID, you can also query the metadata:

await api.query.nominationPools.metadata(pool_id);

You can look more information about this here: Get pool name and stash account from nomination pool creator

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