On my rococo local relay chain, I found the unexpected epoch change when the finalized block stuck but the best block continue to generate. And when the issue happened, only one node show me this issue. Is that possible I can fix the finalized issue?

My env is only two polkadot valdiators on 0.9.39 version.

Updated: There are more error message

2024-01-16 08:59:11 Chain between (0x1fef…7459, 3182191) and 3180950 not fully known. Forcing vote on 3180950 unknown_number=3182191 unknown_hash=0x1fef1299626dc072943ed903233383e275abb1f09a5fac44c490931470ee7459
2024-01-16 08:59:11 Call to `DetermineUndisputedChain` failed error=DetermineUndisputedChainCanceled(Canceled)
2024-01-16 08:59:11 error=RollingSessionWindow(SessionsUnavailable { kind: Missing(318098), info: Some(SessionsUnavailableInfo { window_start: 318096, window_end: 319290, block_hash: 0x1fef1299626dc072943ed903233383e275abb1f09a5fac44c490931470ee7459 }) })


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