"I'm developing a pallet called xnft for cross-chain NFT transfers. To achieve this, I have to utilize functions from the Frame NFT pallet and incorporate RuntimeCall in its configuration. However, I'm facing a challenge as I'm unable to modify the FRAME NFT pallet to include RuntimeCall in it.I am providing code snippet for this.

call: <T as pallet_nfts::Config>::RuntimeCall::from(pallet_nfts::Call::<
                    >::set_metadata {
                        collection: dest_collection_id,
                        item: dest_item_id,

Any suggestions on how to resolve it would be appreciated."

  • Try <T as frame_system::Config>::RuntimeCall, otherwise please post the full code. Commented Jan 2 at 13:22
  • I tried it earlier, it doesn't works.
    – Ipsa Gupta
    Commented Jan 2 at 13:23
  • Then please post the full code - or better, a link to the GitHub. Otherwise its not possible to investigate. Commented Jan 3 at 11:54

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type RuntimeCall: From<pallet_nfts::Call<Self,I>> + Encode;

Structure your pallet's runtime call in the following manner.

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