I'm trying to use Ink as a programmable hook for my pallet.


My pallet will store Agreement.

struct Agreement<T> {
  // ...
  pub on_approve: T::AccountId // this point to an Ink contract

and there is a call

pub fn approve(origin: OriginFor<T>, aggrement_id: u32) {
  let origin = ensure_signed(origin)?;
  let mut agreement = Agreement::<T>::get(aggrement_id)?;

  // TODO: call agreement.on_success


I can call an Ink contract via pallet_contracts::Pallet::<T>::bare_call(). However, I want to ensure the contract must conform to a specific interface.

for example

pub trait MyPalletHook {
    fn on_success(&mut self, agreement: Agreement);

Is my idea reasonable? Can pre-check a smart contract code or deployed instance implement a specific trait? How to call the contract via function definition in the trait?


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