I'm working on a project using Substrate and have encountered a technical question regarding data storage. I would like to understand the fundamental difference between using the Preimage pallet and storing a data hash using T::Hashing.

  1. What are the specific use cases where it is more advantageous to use the Preimage pallet over simply creating a data hash with T::Hashing?
  2. Are there any differences in terms of performance or security between these two methods?
  3. How does memory management differ between these two approaches?

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There isn't much difference between them.

Preimage is more of a general version. It offers a place for those who don't want to store this themselves, and it provides a calculation for the general storage cost fee. And it also has a nice UI on Polkadot Apps for people to review the existing items.

If you have a lot of specific logic, it's best to write it yourself.

In terms of memory management, you can't keep a long-lifetime variable in the runtime. There are many tasks that need to be completed within a block.

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