I'm having issues when using the ReportTransactStatus in my XCM message as it gives me a UnexpectedResponse in my origin Parachain.

How can I register the matching query in the origin, so when the destiny responds I get a more descriptive message?

This is my XCM message code:

            match send_xcm::<T::XcmSender>(
                (Parent, Junction::Parachain(mult_para_id.into())).into(),
                    Transact {
                        origin_kind: OriginKind::Native,
                        require_weight_at_most: Weight::from_parts(1_000, 1_000),
                        call: <T as Config>::RuntimeCall::from(Call::<T>::xcm_clone_file {
                            energy_bank_file: new_file
                    ReportTransactStatus(QueryResponseInfo {
                        destination: MultiLocation {parents: 1, interior: Parachain(2000).into()},
                        max_weight: Weight::from_all(0),
            ) {
                Ok((hash, cost)) => Self::deposit_event(Event::Success(mult_para_id)),
                Err(e) => Self::deposit_event(Event::Error(e, mult_para_id)),

I've also tried using SetErrorHandler w/ ExpectTransactStatus as well, but I got the same results.

SetErrorHandler(Xcm(vec![ReportTransactStatus(QueryResponseInfo {
            destination: MultiLocation {parents: 1, interior: Parachain(2000).into()},
            max_weight: Weight::from_all(0),
// Transact here,

The UnexpectedResponse error: enter image description here

Deeply appreciate any help or documentation/examples to look further. Thank you

I've setup the ResponseHandler for the pallet and tight coupled with the pallet_xcm so I can create new queries.

But I'm now having problems when trying to call the new_notify_query function, because the RuntimeCall I'm passing as parameter is the wrong type.

Here is how I'm creating the RuntimeCall and how I'm calling the new_notify_query function.

let call = Call::<T>::report { query_id: 0, outcome: Default::default() };

let query_id = pallet_xcm::Pallet::<T>::new_notify_query(
    MultiLocation {parents: 1, interior: Parachain(2000).into()},
    <T as pallet::Config>::RuntimeCall::from(call),
// The report dispatchable
#[pallet::weight((0, Pays::No))]
pub fn report(origin: OriginFor<T>, query_id: QueryId, outcome: Response) -> DispatchResult { 
    // let responder = ensure_response(<T as Config>::RuntimeOrigin::from(origin))?;
    Self::deposit_event(Event::Report(query_id, outcome));

And the pallet Config

    pub trait Config: frame_system::Config + pallet_xcm::Config {
        /// The overarching event type.
        type RuntimeEvent: From<Event<Self>> + IsType<<Self as frame_system::Config>::RuntimeEvent>;

        type RuntimeOrigin: From<<Self as SystemConfig>::RuntimeOrigin>
        + Into<Result<CumulusOrigin, <Self as Config>::RuntimeOrigin>>;

        /// The overarching call type; we assume sibling chains use the same type.
        type RuntimeCall: IsType<<Self as Config>::RuntimeCall> + From<Call<Self>> + Encode;

        type XcmSender: SendXcm;
        type ResponseHandler: OnResponse;
        // type PolkadotXcm: PolkadotXcm;
        type EnergyBank: EnergyBank<Self::AccountId>;

The error: enter image description here

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Do you have your own response handler? Check this: https://github.com/paritytech/polkadot-sdk/blob/v1.4.0/polkadot/xcm/pallet-xcm/src/lib.rs#L2459, it was the default implementation.

So first, you should insert query_id into polkadot-xcm::Queries storage. Maybe using pallet-xcm::new_notify_query which calls do_new_query and insert the queryId into the Queries storage.

Then, implement your response handler and config it

in xcm_executor::Config => type ResponseHandler = <Yours>

  • How can I insert the query_id into polkadot-xcm::Queries? I can't do it via extrinsics. And about implementing my response handler, I need to implement the OnResponse trait in my XCM pallet? Then export it to my xcm_config.rs? Can you give me an example of a pallet using the ResponseHandler implementation? Thanks again for the help :) Nov 27, 2023 at 18:43
  • Updating.. I've added the ResponseHandler to my pallet config, and in the runtime I used the polkadotXcm, like this: type ResponseHandler = PolkadotXcm I think now I only need to register the query_idin the polkadot-xcm::Queries storage. How could I do that? Nov 27, 2023 at 20:05
  • 1
    There is a public function new_notify_query in pallet-xcm, which calls do_new_query and insert the queryId into Queries storage, you can try using it.
    – Guantong
    Nov 28, 2023 at 1:47
  • Thank you a lot for the help, I did a tight coupling to be able to call the function but I'm having issues with the notify parameter. I can't properly create the runtime call without getting a trait not implemented error. I've researched a lot in the repo u sent but only found references of use in a mocked environment. I will update the question and would appreciate further help, thanks :))) Nov 28, 2023 at 18:49
  • Make sure your fn report was a call, in #[pallet:call] imp<T:Config> Pallet<T>{} like here. I can't identify other errors.
    – Guantong
    Nov 29, 2023 at 1:26

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