I found similar questions but it doesn't help me. I am struggling to peers two node and produce block. Everything works fine in rococo-local, Below is the process that I followed,


./target/release/parachain-template-node --collator \
  --force-authoring \
  --chain raw-parachain-chainspec.json \
  --base-path /tmp/node01 \             
  --port 50333 \
  --rpc-port 8855 \
  -- \
  --execution wasm \
  --chain rococo \
  --port 50343 \
  --rpc-port 9988


ganesholi@Ganeshs-MacBook-Air xcav-parachain % ls /tmp/node01/chains/dev_rococo_testnet/keystore
ganesholi@Ganeshs-MacBook-Air xcav-parachain % 



./target/release/parachain-template-node --collator \
  --force-authoring \
  --chain raw-parachain-chainspec.json \
  --base-path /tmp/node02 \             
  --port 50334 \
  --rpc-port 8856 \
  -- \
  --execution wasm \
  --chain rococo \
  --port 50344 \
  --rpc-port 9989


ganesholi@Ganeshs-MacBook-Air xcav-parachain % ls /tmp/node02/chains/dev_rococo_testnet/keystore
ganesholi@Ganeshs-MacBook-Air xcav-parachain % 



I am using Macbook AirM1 and brave browser

While running collator node I get this issue in logs terminal. Could that be the cause of this issue?

2023-11-17 08:53:01 [Parachain] ⚠️ The hardware does not meet the minimal requirements for role 'Authority'.
  • Did you get a slot on Rococo? Nov 17, 2023 at 5:54
  • yes 4,323 is my rococo slots @AurevoirXavier
    – Ganesh11
    Nov 17, 2023 at 7:16

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One of the comments in the similar question you pointed is that you always have to waiting until your collator finish the syncing. If you want a faster sync you can use the flag --sync fast (See more here What's the fastest way to sync a node only keeping full state for the last N blocks? ).

If the parachain is still not producing blocks but not showing any error messages, you need to try to figure out why, usually is due to small issue with the onboarding as a parachain.

The following checklist should help avoiding the most common reasons why a parachain won't produce blocks: Our parachain doesn't produce blocks [checklist] and for more check this guide I am creating: Troubleshooting: Common Collator Issues

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