Zepter has been great for pointing out runtime benchmark features that need propagating. I use it like so:

zepter lint propagate-feature --feature runtime-benchmarks --left-side-feature-missing=ignore --workspace --feature-enables-dep="runtime-benchmarks:frame-benchmarking"

Have people used it for checking that the std feature mappings are all done correctly too?

(Also asking the question to raise awareness that the cool tool exists)

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Good question!

Yes it can check arbitrary feature propagation. In the Polkadot-SDK we configure it for three features: std, runtime-benchmarks and try-runtime.
You can see the full config file that contains the exact commands here. ORML is using a very similar config file here.

One gotcha to look out for, is in the release process. cargo release strips dev-dependencies, and therefore all feature propagations to dev-dependencies need to be remove before releasing. This was just recently discovered. zepter transpose features strip-dev-only should do the trick, but please open an issue if it does not.

  • Thank you for making the tool - it removes a lot of tedium!
    – Squirrel
    Nov 16 at 15:25

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