In our case, validators are providing multiple different services and I want to restrict them from un-staking or making unbound calls until they have completed the job.

I can set a BaseCall filter to restrict extrinsic calls but Is there a way to conditionally filter accounts that can make extrinsic calls?

let is_stake_unbound_call = matches!(call, RuntimeCall::Staking(pallet_staking::Call::unbond { value }));
if is_stake_unbound_call {
    let has_job = pallet_job::PendingJob::contains_key(account_id)?;
    // return true if all jobs are completed else false

Other possible Approach:

  • Block un-bound call and let job-pallet make unbound (internally calling pallet-staking::unbound).

Is there a better way to handle such cases? Any help or advice is much appreciated

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In short, use a SignedExtension if there is no configurable origin for a pallet. See How does one block specific accounts from calling extrinsics for a substrate pallet?

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