I want to generate keys for my parachain-template-node but using this command gives me error.

ganesholi@Ganeshs-MacBook-Air xcav-parachain % ./target/release/parachain-template-node key generate --scheme Sr25519 --password-interactive
error: unexpected argument 'key' found

Usage: parachain-template-node [OPTIONS] [-- <RELAY_CHAIN_ARGS>...]
       parachain-template-node <COMMAND>

For more information, try '--help'.
ganesholi@Ganeshs-MacBook-Air xcav-parachain % 

I use command from here

Is the command changed? Someone please help me.

  • run ./target/release/parachain-template-node --help as it suggests
    – Simson
    Nov 15 at 2:50
  • There should be something about key or generate on the help page
    – Simson
    Nov 15 at 2:51

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The tutorial is not using parachain-node-template,it uses the node-template. In the node-template we have the key subcommand that is a CLI for key management but in parachain-node-template this feature is not available.

See the code for the node-template:

pub enum Subcommand {
    /// Key management cli utilities

And notice is different for the parachain-node-template.

But there are several ways you can generate keys, you can use the standalone subkey command-line program. See here how to use it from the polkadot-sdk repository: Subkey tutorial

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