A brief context: I want to deliver the test.

The exact context: Creation of account_id's (first point in an outline).

Question: Do I correctly create account_id in the context of my task. Should I firstly create signatories?

let account_id = Self::multi_account_id(&signatories, 2);

In the documentation of multi_account_id is written:

NOTE: who must be sorted. If it is not, then you'll get the wrong answer.

Can anybody explain why who must be sorted?

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Here are a few examples.

You can find the examples here: https://github.com/darwinia-network/darwinia/blob/b2e1c5bb89a6ab9486fc3c42b0da4f7f064ec1e5/pallet/account-migration/src/tests.rs#L94

Regarding your second question, please refer to this link: What does it mean in pallet_multisig for accounts to be sorted?.

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