Hi we are following along with the typegen docs on polkadotjs documentation.

and the generated code cannot find most the types. an example line:

Called: AugmentedEvent<ApiType, [caller: PalletContractsOrigin, contract: AccountId32]...

The PalletContractsOrigin is not found the types did get generated are in types/lookup if i manually add an import

import {PalletContractsOrigin} from "@polkadot/types/lookup";

then that one is found. But there are many type errors.

Found 78 errors in 5 files.

Errors  Files
     6  src/interfaces/augment-api-consts.ts:119
    18  src/interfaces/augment-api-events.ts:166
    33  src/interfaces/augment-api-query.ts:23
    20  src/interfaces/augment-api-tx.ts:191
     1  src/interfaces/index.ts:4

here is my tsconfig section:

    "paths": {
      "my-lib-name/*": ["src/*"],
      "@polkadot/api/augment": ["src/interfaces/augment-api.ts"],
      "@polkadot/types/augment": ["src/interfaces/augment-types.ts"]

i also get this error when running the generate

ERROR: No lookup definitions found: Unknown file extension ".ts" for src/interfaces/lookup.ts

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I am no longer using tsc for generation of types .. I am using esno or tsx because of ESM.

npx esno node_modules/.bin/polkadot-types-from-defs --package @mangata-finance/types/interfaces --input ./src/interfaces --endpoint ./metadata.json

npx esno node_modules/.bin/polkadot-types-from-chain --package @mangata-finance/types/interfaces --endpoint ./metadata.json --output ./src/interfaces

If you can show the repo I can look.

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